Biographical note
Stuart Blazer has been actively involved in art practice since the 1970’s. While he still reads more than he writes, he writes more than he publishes. Work undertaken from that time until the present reinforces this daily choice: bookstores, libraries, writer-in-residence at schools (kindergarten through university), community centers, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes. In 1979 he was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship in Literature from the R.I. State Council on the Arts, a local branch of the national organization. There have also been grants from the R.I. Committee for the Humanities during the 80’s and 90’s. Since the 1980’s he’s been a visiting critic at the Department of Architecture at the R.I.S.D. (Rhode Island School of Design). His publications include Aix-en-Providence, a chapbook souvenir of time spent in France (1990; 2nd edition 2016); Aqua Firma, co-published in 2011 by Teatrino Azores & Brown University; Rhizome Skyline, published by the Department of Architecture at RISD in 2012, and The Poems Possible, a translation from José Saramago (Gávea-Brown, Providence, 2017). His work doing oral histories with the elderly allowed him to shift emphasis from the all too common Creative Writing to Creative Listening, a much more open field of research and engagement.