António Carlos Cortez
Poeta e ensaísta / crítico literário
CLEPUL, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa
Colégio Moderno
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As Humanidades: a razão do discurso, o discurso da razão (apontamentos sobre a importância da literatura)
Dedalus 20 (2016), pp. 63-74. Download PDF

The return to the Humanities imposes itself in a time that, like ours, is fast and fragmented, shows the validity of Ortega y Gasset’s theses regarding the concept of “mass man”. The Humanities, as disciplines of discourse, and in particular the discipline of Portuguese, are a code that diverges from the standardized code of apolitical and sterile man-mass, victim of the asphyxia of immediacy and profit, of the ferocious pragmatism that bestializes it. In a school context it is urgent, therefore, to restore the centrality and textuality of the classes, valuing literature and related areas in the teaching of language and culture. It is our intention, in this essay, to problematize and articulate these and other issues (educational reform, literary curriculum and canon, alienation of the younger generation, dilution of memory), defending the importance of the Humanities, the mastermind of the construction of a conscious citizenship.