Aleksandr Sautkin
Murmansk Arctic State University, Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences
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Elena Philippova
Independent researcher, Murmansk, Russia
War as a way to detect the other and reveal the sacred (in European thinking after the Great War)
Dedalus 25 (2021), pp. 133-146.
The article is devoted to consideration of some approaches to understanding the phenomenon of war, which were formed in European philosophy by the experience of the First World War. In particular, the author refers to the ideas of the representative of Russian religious philosophy N. Berdyaev and thinkers of the Traditionalist (Perennialist) School B. Hamvas and J. Evola. They are characterized by a special attitude to war as to a phenomenon that opens the sacred dimension of human existence and forms new ways of self-identification.
Keywords: war, Other, Sacred, identity, Traditionalism.