DEDALUS 24 (2020)
Org. Benjamin Schaper & Gerd Hammer

Ficha Técnica

Nota Introdutória



Benjamin Schaper, and Gerd Hammer

Esperanza Guillén
Emotional Indifference and Creative Isolation of the Artist

Jochen Hörisch
Loneliness and alienation – Romantic motives in the reflections of Karl Marx

Olaf Berwald
Mnemosyne’s Solitude in Broch and Kunitz

Anna Jagłowska
“A man alone is not the whole” – a letter as an entity of loneliness in Clara Schumann’s, Alma Mahler-Werfel’s and Ingeborg Bachmann’s correspondence

Eugene de Klerk
Why those who are singular have the most fun: A Lacanian consideration of how Salvador Dali’s auto-erotic practice points the way to a form of jouissance capable of alleviating subjective alienation

Tiago Clariano
The Powers of Solitude: two cases of decadent solipsism

Nicoleta Enciu
Lonely youth – Loneliness and Its Ambiguities in Romanian Literature

Ana Fernandes
Loneliness in childhood in Le Clézio’s works

Dorothea Boshoff
Becoming Alien(ated): A case study examining intimacy and loneliness in The Sentients of Orion by Marianne de Pierres

Oliver Kohns
The Loneliness of the Villain: Shakespeare and Schiller

Stefan Lindinger
“Waldeinsamkeit” in Ludwig Tieck’s Novellas Der blonde Eckbert and Waldeinsamkeit as well as in Adalbert Stifter’s Der Hochwald

Carmen Sousa Pardo
Images of the soul: loneliness as a pictorial object during the Romantic period


Rayssa Marinho Pacífico das Neves
Akotirene, Carla. Interseccionalidade, Coleção Feminismos Plurais (org. Djamila Ribeiro). São Paulo: Selo Sueli Carneiro; Pólen, 2019. 152 pp.  ISBN 978-85-98349-69-5

Camila Sousa
Clay, Eugene (ed.). Beasts, Humans and Transhumans in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols Publishers, 2020. 192 pp. ISBN: 978-2-503-59063-9

Peer Review Commitee 
Adriana Crespo, Universidade de Lisboa
Angélica Varandas, Universidade de Lisboa
Claudia Fischer, Universidade de Lisboa
Claudia Nitschke, Durham University
Fernanda Mota Alves, Universidade de Lisboa
Jeremy Tambling, University Warsaw
João Ferreira Duarte, Universidade de Lisboa
José Maria Vieira Mendes, Universidade de Lisboa
José Pedro Serra, Universidade de Lisboa
Magdalena Răduță, University of Bucharest
Maria de Lourdes Câncio Martins, Universidade de Lisboa
Ricardo Gil Soeiro, Universidade de Lisboa
Roxana Ciolăneanu, Universidade de Lisboa
Simão Valente, Universidade de Lisboa
Teresa Cadete, Universidade de Lisboa
Teresa Cid, Universidade de Lisboa
Teresa Seruya, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Tom Kuhn, University of Oxford