Anabela Mendes
Departamento de Estudos Germanísticos, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa
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The body is a theatre of emotions. Büchner, Müller and Jelinek – brief crossings of depth and laterality
Dedalus 21 (2017), pp. 73-91. Download PDF

Three German-speaking playwrights – Büchner, Müller and Jelinek – meet at the gates of Heaven, awaiting the divine verdict. To entertain them during the wait, a being disguised as a barbel asks them: “Can you tell me what you are doing here?” In chorus and without rehearsing the three respond: “During our life on earth we sought to understand our humanity, their dysfunctions and conflicts, but also their yearnings and projections. We were process, subjectivity, consciousness. Only death (we are not yet all dead) took care of us or will keep us from life. We will continue as work of art, as memory and remembrance, if there is someone approaching any of us. At that time and if it happens, we will spectate from Heaven what we have been and what we have done, so may God will.”