Werner Müller-Pelzer
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund, Germany
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Das MONTAIGNE-Programm: Ein neuer Weg nach Europa
Dedalus 25 (2021), pp. 159-195. Download PDF
What makes the difference between Europe and EU? Some believe that this question has been resolved by merging Europe and the EU in the “European project”. But this construct serves the interests of EU as a global player; it does not answer the questions: Which European do I want to be? What kind of Europe do we want to live in together? Europe as an affective space is buried under the philosophical errors of the past and current political interests. Based on a fundamental revision of traditional philosophy by Hermann Schmitz, founder of New Phenomenology, the MONTAIGNE-programme opens up the understanding, how one becomes susceptible to collective European emotional atmospheres: by acquiring experimentally an unknown European language via the lived-bodily experience of that embedding culture. In contrast to conventional foreign study programs, the new MONTAIGNE programme serves exclusively to grow into the guest culture up to the secondary epigenesis of the person as a European.
Keywords: New Phenomenology, plain empiricism, lived-bodily communication, collective atmospheres, situations, language acquisition as embodiment, predimensional experience