Anna Jagłowska
Warsaw University
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“A man alone is not the whole” – a letter as an entity of loneliness in Clara Schumann’s, Alma Mahler-Werfel’s and Ingeborg Bachmann’s correspondence
Dedalus 24 (2020), pp. 79-91. Download PDF

The art of epistolary aesthetic writing is often attributed to women. It is the sphere where the beauty of a woman is not only understood as visual appearance, but above all as a form of her sensuality, passion, desire and her inner self. A letter can also be a cache, a hiding place, a safe place for thoughts, a way to survive hard times, or proof of an inner battle against loneliness and longing. This article proposes to discuss letters of three eminent women: Clara Schumann, Alma Mahler-Werfel and Ingeborg Bachmann. They symbolize feminine loneliness in their correspondence, which is, on the one hand, overflowing with a variety of emotions and sensuality and, on the other hand, a rich example of the self-strategy of each of these women. Clearly presented is their strong pursuit of happiness, harmony, social position, and self-realization, to be achieved not only by themselves but also by their addressees.
Keywords: correspondence, epistolary writing, female letter, loneliness, artists’ couples