Marta Pacheco Pinto
João Ferreira Duarte
Hélder Lopes

Editors’ Introduction – Collectors of Worlds: Translators, History and Fiction
Dedalus 26 (2022), pp. 13-25. Download PDF

What happens to translators when these agents of representation become themselves objects of representation? This is the question that underlies the present issue of Dedalus journal and to which our contributors attempt to respond based on case studies from different literary traditions and chronologies and through the lens of history or historiography. It has been prepared as an output of the MOV. Moving Bodies: Circulations, Narratives, and Archives in Translation research cluster hosted by the Centre for Comparative Studies of the University of Lisbon, whose ultimate mission is to give voice and visibility to translators from multiple epistemological and interdisciplinary approaches. Through this special issue of Dedalus, it is our purpose to explore the compelling connections between fiction, translators and translation, and history.